Pest Control In Maidstone

We offer effective treatment and proofing that your place is no more infested !

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About DB Pest Control

Who we are ?

We are a team of experts who have impecable knowledge and experience when it comes to pest issues.Read more below

Mouse and rat infestations in maidstone

One common problem in both towns and villages are scavengers like mice and rats.Omnivorous like rodents eat fruits and home foods and leave the left-overs all over the place.It is hard for you to find and thrash them.This is where we come in with our expertise to spot them easily and do all the heavy lifting for you. We ensure that your family is safe from these pests by providing you a comfortable home with no pests in it.Our team have worked with properties of different ages so we know how pests behave in those area.

British Pest Control Association Certified

We are qualified to BPCA and we have the experience to deal with any kind of pest issues.

How much does it cost ?

We know how distress you feel when you have pest issues in your premises.Our pricing depends on the extend of pests infestations.For us to estimate the accurate pricing our field technician will visit your premises if needed to see the extend of infestations and then decide what kind of treatment is required to eradicate the pests.Our prices are competitive and reasonable which anyone can easily afford.